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black and white cow head

How to Raise Boer Goats – Tips for Raising a Healthier and Better Boer Goat

It's no secret that producers have been struggling to keep up with the rising demand for goat meat around the ...
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three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

How to write a farm business plan for South African loan approval

Commercial banks and agricultural firms in South Africa have launched financing programs geared at helping new farmers break into the ...
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white and brown jack russell terrier mix

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jack Russell Terriers?

A Jack Russell could be the only dog that can match a Fox Terrier's degree of energy. A Jack Russell ...
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brown horse with silver round pendant necklace

Possible causes of equine/horse swelling

File photo source:horse-Canada.com In horses, swelling can be caused by a variety of factors, and it is not uncommon for ...
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Tips for injecting chicken

Commercial chicken farmers rarely inject their hens with vaccines; instead, they use sprays or eye drops to administer the immunizations ...
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shallow focus photography of pigeon

A simple pigeon loft layout

While we are all aware that not all pigeon races are won by financially advantaged competitors, the reality is that ...
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white and black cattle

How to Always Get It Right With Cattle Branding

File image source:Vastrap Boran Stock theft is discouraged by branding, and when stolen animals are recovered, it is easier for ...
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closeup photo of brown horses on green grass field

How to deal with Sickle hocks

The tarsus (hock) of a horse is the rear leg bone that connects the tibia to the metatarsal (cannon) bone ...
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How to Look after Your Boer Goat Kids

Feature image source:Wikicommons Boer goats have a lot of benefits: they're a wonderful supply of meat and milk, they're disease-resistant, ...
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orange and silver fishes on water

What is the history of the red tilapia

A red or, more precisely, orange strain of tilapia first appeared in the aquaculture business in the mid-1980s. Because of ...
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