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While we are all aware that not all pigeon races are won by financially advantaged competitors, the reality is that a substantial number of them are rich. Certainly enough to spark debate. Yes, pigeon racing is, by definition, costly. However, money cannot buy everything; without devotion and sacrifice, very little can be accomplished.

If you’re serious about pigeon racing, you’ll have an advantage over those who aren’t. After all is said and done, the field of play will never be truly leveled. Affluent pigeon fanciers can always afford nicer pigeons and the avian equivalent of five-star hotels in the form of lofts.

Just to give you an idea, there is no scientific proof that the more costly pigeon feed, treatment, or supplement brands are better than the cheaper ones. The options available to wealthy fanciers aren’t necessarily better; they’re just more expensive.

Minimum loft specifications in terms of practicality

Take lofts as an example. If you want to be successful in the sport of pigeon racing, you shouldn’t build a pigeon loft that looks like a second home to visitors.

Many ‘pigeon families’ in Holland like to live in the basement and have their lofts on the upper floor. It’s not uncommon for pigeon lofts to be one-time purchases. Build one that can be taken apart if you wish to vacate.

A decent loft should have the following features:

●Ensure that there is sufficient room for the quantity of pigeons being maintained.

●Provide shelter from the elements, as well as from raptors such as owls and hawks.

●Stable day and nighttime temperatures should be considered.

●Give the owner and pigeons easy access.

●Assemble an aviary complete with perches and nest boxes for your birds.

●Consider setting off a piece of the farm for the most coveted breeders.

●Allow space for birds to bask in the sun and wash up.

Electronic pigeon timing clocks account for a significant portion of your total cost, however this is a one-time buy. All brands certified by the South African National Pigeon Organisation, such as Deister, Unikon, Brikon, Tipes, and Benzing, are excellent and will last a lot longer if they are treated properly. Prices range from R5 000 and R10 000, and this is dependent on the brand. The electrical rings range in price from from R20 to R100, depending on the technology you pick.

Controlling the situation successfully

Buy eight to ten pairs of stock and produce your own racing juveniles from them, or purchase racing juniors from reputable winners and pick your prospective stock from them. Finding ‘click pairings,’ which result in offspring who perform consistently well, is the key to achieving success in breeding. Acquire an understanding of the parameters that will aid you in matching your pair. A knowledgeable fancier can assist you with this.


It should be noted that several more fanciers never appear on the leaderboard, not just because they lacks sufficient resources, but rather because they just don’t have an adequate pigeon management program, never seem to adapt, and are constantly seen chattering in the clubhouse room.

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