How to write a farm business plan for South African loan approval

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

Commercial banks and agricultural firms in South Africa have launched financing programs geared at helping new farmers break into the market. Despite this, many farmers are still unable to obtain loans, even with the help of government programs. Partly, this is due to their failure to submit an application with all of the required information. […]

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jack Russell Terriers?

white and brown jack russell terrier mix

A Jack Russell could be the only dog that can match a Fox Terrier’s degree of energy. A Jack Russell could be able to match the Border Terrier’s tough-as-nails hunting abilities. And if there’s any dog that can match a Jack Russell Terrier’s high hunting drive, tenacity, and passion, it’s another Jack Russell Terrier. This […]

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How to Always Get It Right With Cattle Branding

white and black cattle

Stock theft is discouraged by branding, and when stolen animals are recovered, it is easier for the authorities to track down the legitimate owners. However, there are several rules to follow in order for branding to be effective. The most important of these are to get high-quality branding irons, confine your animals during branding, ensure […]

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How to Look after Your Boer Goat Kids

Feature image source:Wikicommons Boer goats have a lot of benefits: they’re a wonderful supply of meat and milk, they’re disease-resistant, they’re terrific mothers, and they can adapt to harsh situations. For the first few weeks following delivery, unfortunately, the children require special attention and management. If you don’t take adequate care of them during this […]

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